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Designed for continuous learners with a bachelor degree and at least one years of hands-on experience in a church, mission, nonprofit, or business role, the IMPACT Mentoring Program’s primarily online format offers you support in your ministry context as you study. 

Focusing on the conviction that a mentor’s role is to help others come alongside God’s ongoing mission in the world, IMPACT students grow in their understanding of what God is doing in their own lives as well as in culture and the Scriptures, equipping them to become spiritual entrepreneurs, to launch and build up transformative social ventures.

This is going to be developed through:

  • exposure to world-class mentors;
  • set community of peer leaders;
  • like minded leaders that share your values and your objectives;
  • exposure to classical works that have shaped the world throughout ages;
  • engaging in practical exercises designed to test and apply your theoretical knowledge.


You will sharpen and encourage one another as a “cohort”—a community of learning—with the guidance of seasoned mentors and support staff. In peer-oriented environments, cultivated online and deepened by face-to-face connection, you’ll find space for the honest dialogue and mutual care that will help you capacitate your influence.


Studying with others from around the world, you’ll be exposed to global trends and cultural differences—giving you the broadened perspective, equipping, and encouraging you to embrace your role as a change agent in your own context. A change agent uses creativity and influence to intervene and mobilize people to face tough realities. You will be informed and motivated to stimulate processes that bring change (values, habits, practices, priorities) in the midst of your community.


As a cohort program that builds on your experience and emphasizes practical application, your business acumen and influence will be expanded and propelled. As you wrestle with theoretical concepts and exchange input with your cohort peers, you will apply newfound insight to your leadership role and your relationships, for holistic formation.

True to our calling, you will be provided with most supportive environment:

  • access to knowledgeable and experienced mentors
  • individual coaching mentoring sessions
  • the opportunity to build long lasting relationships that will foster accountability and collaboration
  • personalized development plans.


Continue in your current work environment as you complete the IMPACT Program, primarily online, with a 4-day encounter with your mentor and your peers to a pre-established location to deepen this unique learning community experience.

Your educational and development experience will be customized to your unique circumstances and designed to utilize those opportunities God has placed around you.


Mentori & profesori

Dr. Daryl McCarthy

Dr. Daryl McCarthy

Director Academic Network, European Leadership Forum
Dr. Sebastian Văduva

Dr. Sebastian Văduva

Director Griffiths School of Management & IT, Universitatea Emanuel din Oradea
Dr. Emanuel Țundrea

Dr. Emanuel Țundrea

Lector Universitatea Emanuel din Oradea, Steering Committee Member European Leadership Forum


The mentoring curricula of the IMPACT Program is a mix of knowledge steaming from business and theology, customized to the unique needs and circumstances of each participant, and delivered in a blended format (online, skype coaching, and intense group settings). It is customized to be of maximum practical utility and biblical principle.


This course brings communication—the most visible and impactful tool of a leader—from the background to the foreground, giving you access to the most powerful and useful tool available in business and ministry. Adding to communication the learning of interpersonal, presentation and assertiveness techniques will sharpen your leadership tools, improve your self-confidence, and expend your influence in every area of your life.


This course helps learners consider the opportunities and process of fostering talentalism, as talents is today’s capital for the future. The most decisive factor in competitiveness is talents, thus is vital to learn how to cultivate them through education, business and social entrepreneurship, unleashing their full innovative capital. Moreover, we are called to disciple people. “Go and make disciples” were the last words of Jesus Christ on Earth, and they are as valuable today as they were when Jesus commended them.


This course will tackle contemporary problems facing society such as technology, civilization conflicts, political challenges, the environment etc. and will “force” students to offer relevant solutions.


Management “is the art of getting things done through others” said Peter Drucker. Your management and leadership capabilities will determine the level and the impact of your influence. Strategic Thinking gives you tools to undertake a thorough strategic diagnosis. By developing your ability to judge risk and value-creating potential, you will think more clearly about future challenges, developing new models and innovating to improve performance. You'll walk away with a strategic roadmap and action plan which directs your business or social endeavor toward growth opportunities.


This course will help you understand the importance and process of practicing the spiritual disciplines. Spiritual growth is what transforms people and allows them to become who God desires them to be. This growth can be achieved by learning and practicing the inward, outward and corporate spiritual disciplines. A special emphasis will be placed on accountability and transparency, as prerequisites for a disciplined life.

6. The Organizing and Financing of Christian Organizations

An in-depth course on the management of Christian organizations from starting them up, lobbying and building up influence, financing and multiplying them. We define Christian organization as those designed to support, not replace the Church. The student will be able to conceptualize and design any entrepreneurial initiative, as well as plan and evaluate its progress/growth.


Cohort #1 starts course on 1st October 2018.

Cohort Mentors

Emanuel Tundrea

Emanuel Tundrea

Program director
Adela Chiritescu

Adela Chiritescu

Marketing & PR director

In person meetings

Cluj 2018 / Sibiu 2019


Dates and Locations subject to change. 

Please check with Office before making any travel arrangements!


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Admission Requirements

The following are requirements for completing the application process.

  • An online interview with the Admission Board
  • Completed and signed Application for Admission 
  • Submission of copies of last degree obtained / ID card
  • A pastor or denominational leader reference


viziune, misiune, parteneri


  • IMPACT Mentoring Program desires to be a premier, Christian higher education community loving God and loving others while impacting the world.


IMPACT Mentoring Program exists to serve lifelong learners and their work throughout the world by offering specially designed programs in a Christ-centered community.

We foster an environment characterized by:

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Biblical Principles
  • Practical Value


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If you have any questions or would like more information about the IMPACT Mentoring Program, please contact us.

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Emanuel Țundrea

E-mail: emanuel[at]emanuel[dot]ro